How are “Stiletto Darts” different from standard darts?
  The primary difference between “Stiletto Darts” and standard darts is that they do not have flights. Without flights, the thrower must modify his/her throw and gauge how much rotation is needed upon release of the dart to insure that it strikes tip first in the dartboard. The resulting throw style is a cross between a dart throw, and that of a throwing knife.
Are “Stiletto Darts” legal in tournament play?
  Officially, the answer is no, they are not legal in standard dart tournaments. By official rules, the “dart” must have a distinguishable flight. Some tournaments however, may allow them, or you may find tournaments specifically set up for play with “Stiletto Darts”.
How do I extend the life of my dart tips?
  The standard tip size for “Stiletto Darts” is 2BA, however there are a number of lengths and styles of 2BA tips. Generally speaking, the shorter the tip the better. You will also find that a more gradual taper from the base to the end of the tip will help to extend your tip life. Note: Tip length will effect dart rotation and stick.
How long will it take my darts to ship?
  While items are in stock, packages will typically ship in 1 to 2 business days. For items shipping ground delivery in the United States, most orders will be received 2 to 3 business days after they ship.
Can I be sure my order is secure?
  Every reasonable effort is made to insure that your order is secure. All orders are processed through “PayPal”, a well known, on line payment site. For specific information regarding order security, you can visit the “PayPal” security page at:
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