Generally speaking, there really is no correct way to throw Stiletto Darts. People adopt a throwing style based on what works for them. Techniques are derived from the various styles of shuriken (oriental spikes used in martial arts) and knife throws. There is certainly influence from the standard dart throw as well.
The typical stance involves placing your foot, on the side of your throwing hand, to the line, and in line with the direction of the dartboard. Your other foot is then placed in back, and slightly off to the side. Your back foot should be rotated 45 to 90 degrees off your front foot for a fairly natural stance.
Pinch the back of the dart between the thumb, and the first two fingers of your throwing hand. The shaft should rest in the crease of the first knuckle of the index and middle fingers, and the tip of your thumb should rest lightly on the grooves. The tip of the dart should point up, away from your hand.
Begin with your throwing arm and hand extended horizontally in the direction of the dartboard. Your shoulders should be turned 45 degrees away from the dartboard so that the shoulder of your throwing hand is closest to it. Keeping your wrist straight, bring your hand up alongside the ear. Then snap your forearm forward and release the dart as the arc of your hand comes in line with the target. Your hand will continue along this arc to allow for good follow through.
A successful Stiletto Dart throw should stick in the dartboard. Unlike standard darts, Stiletto darts are not designed to automatically orient themselves to point tip first toward the dartboard. Therefore, you must gauge how much to rotate the dart as it leaves your hand. This adds additional challenge and sport to the game. When using the standard grip noted above, the dart typically rotates 1 ¼ turns before hitting the dartboard. With some experience, you should be able to determine if your throws rotate too far, or not enough before striking the target. You can then adjust accordingly.
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